Using WebSTAC to register

Once you decide which courses to take during the first semester, check Online Course Listings through WebSTAC to determine the dates/times each course is offered.

Online course listings:

Online registration:

Registration Worksheet

WebSTAC includes a Registration Worksheet that can be helpful for planning your schedule. It alerts students to conflicts and overlapping class times. NOTE: Entering courses in this worksheet does not register you for these classes. The worksheet is a planning tool and additional steps are required for registration. For instructions, see Creating a Course Schedule.

Registering Using WebSTAC

  1. Connect to WebSTAC system at by using your WUSTL KEY and password.
  2. Select "Registration" on the left menu, choose "FL2019" and click the "Submit" button.
  3. For each course, input course information and click the "add" button.
    Students will need the following information to register for a course:
    • Dept Code (example: L07)
    • Course Number (example: 111A)
    • Lab Section or Subsection (example: A) NOTE: Not all courses have a lab section (sometimes called a discussion section, recitation or sub-section). If a course has lab sections, then you are required to enter an open lab section when you register for the course (WebSTAC will not let you register if you don't also input a lab section). If a course has no lab sections, then you can leave that field blank when you register.
    • Section Number (example: 01) NOTE: To successfully register for Chemistry 111A or 151, students must choose a lecture section (examples: "01" or "02") and a subsection or laboratory section (examples: "A" or "B").

Changing course sections and dropping classes

You can drop courses and change sections easily via WebSTAC. Students should not drop, especially in required engineering classes, without speaking to their advisor in Engineering Undergraduate Student Services. To drop or change go to Courses & Registration > Registration. You need to mouse-over the course you want to change or drop and then you'll see several actions links appear, of which two are "Drop Course" and "Change Section."


Final Examination Schedules

Make a note of final exam schedules as soon as possible. When students register on WebSTAC, a final exam schedule is immediately available. This information can help you plan for studying and travel home. During the first week of class, students are encouraged to double-check with each professor regarding the final exam date and time.

Please do not register for courses that result in three or more final examinations on one day. Instructors are under no obligation to move exams or otherwise accommodate changes to exam schedules. If you have questions, please talk to your four year advisor in Engineering Undergraduate Student Services.