Pathways 2015-2016

Message from the Dean

This past August marked the beginning of the 23rd year of the Joint Undergraduate Engineering Program between UMSL and Washington University. During the past academic year, 86 ABET-accredited bachelorís degrees were awarded to students in the Program Ė 20 civil engineering, 35 electrical engineering and 31 mechanical engineering. In addition, 83 students entered UMSL to start their pre-engineering coursework on that campus, while 92 students began their upper-level engineering coursework on the Washington University campus. The Program continues to be a sensible choice for individuals who want to remain in the St. Louis area and earn an engineering degree at in-state tuition rates. The late afternoon/evening scheduling of courses continues to be an attractive option for students who want or need to work while they complete their degree.

This past year brought several enhancements to the Program, particularly in the area of facilities. The programís office on the Washington University campus moved to Preston M. Green Hall at the corner of Skinker Boulevard and Forest Park Parkway. Upgrades to computing facilities and the fluid mechanics and heat transfer laboratories demonstrate the continuous improvements made to enhance the learning environment for students.

The Joint program welcomed several new professionals to join the upper-level faculty. Aaron Covin of Boeing, Wayne Patchin of DRS and Dedric Carter, PhD, associate provost and associate vice chancellor for innovation and entrepreneurship at Washington University, joined the roughly 30 engineers teaching Joint Program classes on the Washington University campus.

I am proud to say the Joint Undergraduate Engineering Program continues to grow and meet the needs of both students and employers in the St. Louis area. Please do not hesitate to contact us to see if our Pathway is right for you.

Joseph A. O'Sullivan
Dean, UMSL/Washington Joint Undergraduate Engineering Program


Veterans bring unique perspectives, strengths to Joint Engineering program

This semester, 20 U.S. military veterans in the UMSL/WashU Joint Program enrolled in upper-level engineering courses on the WashU campus. Their military experiences often bring with them a sense of discipline, structure and maturity that lends itself to a successful college career. Many veterans feel their service gives them a unique perspective and sense of priorities that will help them in leadership roles they may pursue in their careers.

Two of these veterans, Stacy Otzenburger and Heath McClung, began their upper-level coursework on the Washington University campus this August. Both are mechanical engineering majors and work as counselors at the Veterans Center on the UMSL campus. During the day you can find these two at the center in Clark Hall offering assistance to fellow veterans, while in the late afternoon/evening you will find them at Washington University in their engineering classes.

Stacy was stationed at Camp Pendleton in California for four years and is now in the third year of inactive ready reserve. While at Camp Pendleton, she was an administrator in the First Marines Logistics Group.

Stacy left active duty service with a rank of Corporal (E4) from the U.S. Marine Corps. She has always liked mathematics and science, and after receiving her bachelorís degree in mechanical engineering, plans to get a masterís degree in biomedical engineering. Her goal is to work with medical tools and prosthetics.

Heath McClung has always had an interest in military history and wanted to experience the military first hand. Heath spent three years of active duty stationed out of Fort Drum, N.Y. and is now on medical retirement from the U.S. Army. He served in the infantry at Fort Drum for the 10th Mountain Division. He was at Fort Drum for nine months before being deployed to Afganistan for active combat. Heath is now an Operation Enduring Freedom combat veteran.

After earning his bachelorís degree in mechanical engineering, Heath plans to attend graduate school to become a licensed prosthetist, working with patients and researching better prosthetics.

For more information about the UMSL Veterans Center please visit www.umsl.edu/veterans.

Pathways 2015-2016


Pathways 2015-2016

Engineersí Club of St. Louis welcomes students, provides networking opportunities

Students in the UMSL/Washington University Joint Undergraduate Engineering Program attend Engineersí Club events to meet with and learn from area professionals about engineering in the St. Louis area. Monthly fellowship nights at the club, located in Midtown St. Louis, provide an excellent opportunity for young engineers to be introduced to the working professionals who may one day be their colleagues in their professional life.

Admittedly, some students feel uneasy with the prospect of taking the first step in joining such a club where they feel out of place. That is why this past year, advisers Mary McManus and Paul Groszewski organized groups of students to attend two separate Fellowship Nights at the club. During these events, students have dinner and meet with members of the club, many of whom are senior engineers at their companies. After dinner, representatives from various club subcommittees report on their groupís activities. Subcommittees in the club range from scholarship fundraising to Engineers Without Borders to STEM outreach to career fair and job board updates. Afterward, members meet for various social activities, such as playing cards, ping-pong and billiards.

Senior Jennifer Pipas, who currently works at the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) and plans to graduate from the Joint Program with her Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in May 2016, has been a member of the club for several years. In fact, she is a past co-chair of the Young Engineers Group within the Engineersí Club. Jennifer admits that joining may be a little intimidating at first, but students need to know the club very much welcomes them. Not only do you have the opportunity to network with local professionals and learn about projects they are working on, the club provides many social activities such as happy hours, trivia nights and golf tournaments.

Another supporter of student involvement in the Engineersí Club of St. Louis is Stephen Bannes, director of the Construction Management Program at Washington Universityís School of Engineering & Applied Science. Bannes stresses the need for community involvement and networking to students in the senior seminar class he teaches in the Joint Program.

For additional information about the Engineersí Club of St. Louis, please visit www.engineersclub.net.


Students participate in Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE) Racing Team

UMSL/WashU Joint Program students Patrick Sherman and Jared Sanneman work alongside Washington University undergraduates on the schoolís Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE) racing team. The team works to design, build and race a custom made car that is entered in a competition held every spring in Michigan. During the several day event, cars are judged in areas of sound, safety, aesthetics and design concepts, followed by drag racing and motorcross competitions.

The team divides the project into categories ranging from aerodynamics to electronics to power train to steering and suspension, as well as a business unit. Patrick and Jared work on the power train team. The complexity of making sure each component of the car works in concert with other components requires a high level of coordination. Patrick admits the importance of documenting best practices from year to year as an important part of the success of the club. With 120 national and international collegiate teams entering the race, students indicate a sense of team accomplishment with their 38th place finish in April 2015.

Prior to the actual competition in April, the team met frequently in the clubís Formula SAE garage in Bryan Hall at Washington University, working on car design and construction. On any given weekend in the spring, members of the team could be found testing or racing their entry on a Washington University parking lot.

In addition to attending classes and working with the Formula SAE student club, both students work during the school year. Jared works about 30 hours a week as a project engineer at Mustang Equipment in Fenton, Mo., while Patrick has a full-time internship at Hunter Engineering in Bridgeton, Mo., this semester. Patrick plans to graduate this August with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

More information regarding Formula SAE can be found at www.facebook.com/wuracing and http://students/sae/org/cds/formulaseries

In addition to Formula SAE, Joint Program students have participated in the following student groups on the Washington University campus:

  • Engineers Without Borders (EWB)
  • National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
  • Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
  • Water Environment Federation (WEF)
  • Wash U Constructors (WUCON)
  • Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)

Pathways 2015-2016


Pathways 2015-2016

Joint Engineering Program in the News

  • Evelyn Bailey Moore received Alumni Award at UMSL Founders Day

  • Shawn Leight, adjunct professor in Civil Engineering, elected to International Transportation Board

  • UMSL, WUSTL Joint Engineering gradís climb to MAVERICK

  • Verboven, Carvalhais earn All-GLVC honors in womenís tennis

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