Aerosol and Air Quality Research Lab finds new technique to make solar cells

Shalinee Kavadiya

Shalinee Kavadiya, a doctoral student; Dariusz Niedzwiedzki, an InCEES research scientist; Su Huang, research assistant professor; and Pratim Biswas, the Lucy & Stanley Lopata Professor, assistant vice chancellor for international programs and chair of the Department of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering, recently published a paper in Advanced Energy Materials titled “Electrospray-assisted Fabrication of Moisture-resistant and Highly Stable Perovskite Solar Cells at Ambient Conditions.”

The paper describes a novel electrospray deposition technique to fabricate a perovskite layer for highly stable and efficient perovskite solar cells in ambient humidity conditions. The technique is promising for the large-scale commercial fabrication of perovskite solar cells. The paper is available via Wiley Online Library.