Alumni Q&A with Adam Kuchy '14

Master of Construction Management, Class of 2014

Adam Kuchy
Adam Kuchy

Employer: McGrath & Associates Inc.

Job Title: Project Engineer

Undergraduate Degree: BS, Liberal Arts and Sciences, St. Ambrose University

How has your Master's Degree helped your career? The WashU MCM degree enabled me to get my foot in the door of the construction industry and introduced me to a career in the construction/built industry on the project management side of the table.

What achievement are you most proud of in your professional career? I have failed in the past and realize that I am not immune to failure in the future, but I am never going to back away from trying and continuing to better myself, the people around me, and my any project that I am involved with in the future.

Who was your favorite professor during your program? It is difficult to narrow it to a single instructor. Roger Loesche challenged each us in each class and week to "learn something new every day," a skill I am passing onto my children. Paul Todd Merrill opened our minds to the idea that construction should be done with an "environmental point of view." It can be both financial and ethically beneficial to the owner and to Earth. Of course, Steve Bannes cannot be left out. From my first class to my last class with him, he was supportive, challenging and insightful in both my education and progress in the construction industry.

Best piece of advice for future student? If you are unsure that you will have time to commit to the program, there is always a way. You will find that it will take a large commitment on your part and your family, but WashU has endless resources to support you.

What is your ultimate long-term goal? My goal is to continue to succeed in construction project management and always extend a hand to lift others up, even when it puts them in a better position than me. I hope I never stop learning, and when I can, teach others what I have been taught.