Professors co-write new imaging handbook

Six Engineering & Applied Science faculty members have chapters featured in the recently published Handbook of Imaging in Biological Mechanics.

Guy Genin, professor of mechanical engineering, is co-editor of the handbook, which covers the whole range of biomechanical and mechanobiologic imaging technologies available through chapters written by experts in each area.

Chapters written by Engineering faculty include:
  • An introduction by Genin and the co-editor, Corey Neu;
  • “Magnetic Resonance Elastrography of the Brain,” written by Philip V. Bayly, PhD, professor and chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science; Genin; and Ruth J. Okamoto, DSc, senior research associate in Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science;
  • “Micropipette Aspiration and Subcellular Biophysics,” co-written by Jin-Yu Shao, PhD, associate professor of Biomedical Engineering;
  • “Integrated Modeling and Imaging for Quantifying the Mechanics of Cells in Three-Dimensional Culture,” co-written by Genin and Elliot L. Elson, PhD, the Alumni Endowed Professor Of Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics and of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science;
  • “Scanning Probe Investigation of Cellular and Subcellular Biomechanics,” co-written by Srikanth Singamaneni, PhD, assistant professor of materials engineering; and
  • “Optical Microscopy Methods for Measuring Structure and Dynamic Processes of Cells and Tissues,” written by Elson.