From WashU engineering to craft beer

WashU chemical engineering alum Andrew Martahus is using his degree in a unique way. After considering the strength of agricultural production in his hometown in Northeast Ohio and the growing popularity of micro-breweries and craft beers, Martahus opened Haus Malts, the region’s first micro malt house. He runs the business with his father, Craig, and the two have been hard at work ever since the company opened in 2015.

Andrew Martahus first became interested in malt when he started making his own beer at home. Fresh out of college, he approached his new hobby with the curiosity of a student. He invested time learning about the process, the water, the hops, the malt – and the idea for Haus Malts came to him. Now, Haus Malts sources specialty malts to almost 30 craft breweries and has recently been able to offer malt mixes to home brewers.

“As a chemical engineer,” Martahus said, “I did not anticipate that my skill set would lead me to start a micro-malt house, working in the maker’s movement with farmers and craft brewers. But I’m so glad it did.”