Sparo Labs launches crowdfunding campaign for asthma device

Update as of June 30, 2016: Sparo Labs gets FDA nod for its app-connected lung function monitor, Wing

Sparo Labs, a digital-health startup company founded by two School of Engineering students, has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the sensor they developed to measure lung function.

The Wing pocket-sized sensor links to a smartphone app to help people with asthma easily measure lung function.

The company seeks to fund Wing, a pocket-sized sensor and smartphone app that accurately measures lung function, tracks data and trends over time, and allows users to understand what affects their lungs, such as medications and triggers. Users can share data with their doctors to find an individualized treatment plan.

Andrew Brimer and Abby Cohen founded Sparo Labs in their senior years and competed in the school's 2013 Discovery Competition, in which they won a $25,000 prize. Since then, Brimer, who earned a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, and Cohen, who eared a bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering, have won $273,000 in 10 engineering, health care and business competitions, including an Arch Grant, the Olin Cup and a CIMIT Award, and raised $1.3 million in a seed round of funding.

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