Students showcase research at BME Day May 1

Students and professors in the Department of Biomedical Engineering presented their research as part of the annual BME Day, designed to celebrate the department's impact on understanding of living systems and the development of new technologies to diagnose and treat disease.

BME Senior Design students
Senior Design students showcase their work

Scott Hollister, the Patsy and Alan Dorris Chaired Professor of Pediatric Technology in the Wallace H. Coulter Dept. of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University, was keynote speaker. In addition, graduating seniors and graduate students were recognized with a variety of awards:

Senior Design
  • First Place: Natalie Ng, Natalie Orr and Nathan Schmetter for their project titled “SmartStim: Reducing Instances of Pseudarthrosis with Targeted Electrical Stimulation.”
  • Second place: Eddie Lai, Anna Noronha, Athena Tam and Nandita Thapar for their project titled “Smart Walker.”
  • Third place: Daniel Khan, Rohan Khopkar and Abhishek Sethi for their project titled “Noninvasive Detection of Mouse Pregnancy.”
Doctoral Student Research Awards
  • Chelsey Dunham, PhD candidate in the lab of Spencer Lake, for her project titled, “Persistent Motion Loss Caused by Arthrogenic Tissues in a Rat Model of Post-Traumatic Elbow Contracture.”
  • Tsz Wai (Terence) Wong, PhD candidate in the lab of Lihong Wang, for his project titled, “Developing Photoacoustic Microscopy Devices for Translation Medicine and Basic Research.”
  • Wandi Zhu, PhD candidate in the lab of Jonathan Silva, for her project titled “Molecular Basis of Mexiletine Response Variability in Patients with Long QT Syndrome.”
Honorable Mention
  • Dov Lerman-Sinkoff, PhD candidate in the lab of Deanna Barch, for his project titled, “Identifying Transdiagnostic Multimodal Correlates of Psychosis Dimensions.”
Doctoral Student Service Awards
  • Leadership Award: The BME Doctoral Student Leadership Award is presented in recognition of a student's demonstrated leadership contributions to WashU.
    Zach Markow, PhD candidate in the lab of Joseph Culver
  • Outreach Award: The BME Doctoral Student Outreach Award is presented to recognize a student for their outstanding service to the broader community.
    Julie Speer, PhD candidate in the lab of Lori Setton