The First 40: Tim Tague recorded a second of video a day

Meet Tim Tague — Washington University in St. Louis Class of 2021.

Back in August, we asked these first-year students to record one second of video every day for their first 40 or so days on campus. Here, learn more about these students and their first days in college.

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Tim Tague
Tim Tague

Tague on his First 40:

“I’ve enjoyed the simple moments and the random moments. Sometimes I’ll pause, look around and take a video. It’s made me realize how lucky I am to be in this place. So much has happened in these past 40 days. I can only imagine what will happen in the next four years.”

Why did you pick Washington University?

If you were to ask me my favorite sport, I would answer football in the fall and baseball in the spring. I couldn’t imagine giving either one up, and WashU gave me the opportunity to play both. And, of course, it’s a really good school. That combination of academic and athletic excellence drew me here.

What’s dorm life like?

I live in a six-person suite. We all play either football or baseball, and one guy plays both like me. We play a lot of “Rocket League,” and we eat together. Whenever someone gets hungry, they shout out “BD” and we all go together. Some of my friends from home talk about all of the free time they have in college, but it seems like I always have work to do or practice to go to. However, I am really enjoying all the time I spend doing this work and the hours spent at practice, so the days go by very quickly. It would be nice to sit on the bed for one day and take a nap, but I guess that’s what break is for.

Have you joined any clubs?

I’ve joined the Bear Cubs Running Team, which is a running club for kids on the autism spectrum. Annie Marggraff (AB 2017), who started the program, lives one town over from me and started a chapter back home that my sister, Nicole, joined. My sister has a rare genetic condition and faces so many challenges, but when she runs — something a lot of us complain about — she always has the biggest smile on her face. She is so positive and happy. I wanted to meet kids in similar situations and learn from them the way I’ve learned from Nicole.