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From dirty to drinkable
A team of engineers at Washington University in St. Louis has found a way to use graphene oxide sheets to transform dirty water into drinking water, and it could be a global game-changer.
Engineering a better biofuel
New protein process in E. coli could lead to more efficient options for 'tiniest of factories.'
Stem cells engineered to grow cartilage, fight inflammation
Biomedical engineering doctoral student Ali Ross is among a team of scientists behind a new technique using 3-D weaving to grow living hip replacements.
Student team wins $10,000 for Alzheimer's disease diagnostic tool
Memento, an interdisciplinary team of Washington University undergraduate, graduate and medical students, has won $10,000 in a national competition for their mobile app designed to help diagnose Alzheimer’s disease more quickly.
Washington University Summer Engineering Fellowship fellow Jennifer Liu works in the lab of Simon Tang on the Medical Campus. "We all get really close, we know each other well, we’re all friends," Liu said of the program. Her summer research project involved investigating how diabetes affects lower back pain and disk degeneration.
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