Scanning is available on the multi-function printers located in Urbauer Hall, Room 217 and Whitaker Hall, Room 130.

To scan and email a document:

  1. Log into the printer by swiping your ID card. You can also log in with your WUSLT Key username and password from the touchscreen.
  2. Place your original in the top document feeder, face up.
  3. Choose Email from the main menu.
  4. Enter the To email address.
    1. Type the entire email address with its domain.
    2. Press Enter to add additional addresses to send the email to.
    3. When you are finished adding addresses, press OK.
    4. When asked to add the address(es) to the local address book, always choose No.
  5. Press Start to scan and send.
  6. The document will process through the feeder and a pdf file will be sent to the addresses you specified, with a From: address of your @wustl email address. 
  7. Once you have completed your scan, choose Sign Out.