At the start of the fall semester, engineering students receives a $40 printing quota for the fall and spring semesters. Students will use their WUSTL key to sign in and WU Campus Card to pay for printouts. Students who exceed the quota will be charged for additional printing on their Campus Card.

Charges for printing:

  • One-sided Printing: 4 cents per sheet
  • Two-sided Printing: 6 cents per sheet
  • Color Printing: 25 cents per sheet

Printing duplex (two-sided) pages can help conserve paper and save money. To print duplex pages, click on the Properties button in the print configuration window and select the Duplex option.

Remote Printing

To print to an EIT printer from your own Windows computer:

  • Choose Start, then Run.
  • For the printers associated with the undergraduate labs, type\\printsrv01. For faculty and staff departmental printers, type \\kara.
  • You will be shown a list of available printers. Double click on one to add it to the list of printers your machine can print to (available from Start,Settings, Printers and Faxes).

Color & Poster Printing

Color printing and poster printing are available in the Help Center, located in Lopata Hall, Room 408.

  • For color printing, select printer Raindrop (Note: Additional fee).