Shared IT Services

What is Shared IT Services?

Shared IT Services bundles information technology we use every day. This includes email, printing, file storage, network connectivity, security, software access, single sign-on to common applications with your WUSTL Key, as well as desktop support.

What will change?

  • You will be using a different phone number to request IT support
  • Your SEAS account will be replaced with your WUSTL Key for logging into your computer as well as accessing other services.
  • If possible, your computer will be updated to Windows 10 and Office 2016.
  • Mac users will also have the opportunity to upgrade OS and Office versions as well as login with your WUSTL Key.
  • You will have access to the same software, all your files, and the same printers.
  • There will be several training opportunities available to prepare you for these upcoming IT changes.

What will not change?

  • Research compute support
  • Academic computing support
  • Audio Visual support

Timeline and next steps

We are scheduled to begin migrations mid May, 2019. You will receive regular emails from the WashU IT mail account, It is imperative that you read these emails carefully – a response may be required. Important information such as training dates and migration schedule will be sent in these emails.

In addition to communication from EIT, you may be contacted directly by Mike Landfried, Discovery Lead, (; Alice Wise, Implementation Lead ( ); and/or Moreena Tiede, Training Lead (

EIT and program leads will be scheduling times with department leaders and key research personnel to gather information regarding specific IT needs.

Basic IT Bundle (BIT Bundle)