Mobile & BYOD printing in Engineering


There are several ways to print to an engineering printer, as listed in the paragraphs below. If you print to a device with "PR" (print-release) in its name - i.e. tempest-PR - the job will be held in the PaperCut queue until you release it. There are three ways to release a held print job:

  1. Swiping your ID card at a PaperCut Release Station (see below)
  2. Browsing to the PaperCut Print Release web site
  3. Scanning a QR code with a cell phone (see below)

Note: Jobs are held in the PaperCut queue for 12 hours before being purged



Computer Lab printing

Each lab computer can print to any of the engineering printers in the devices list. You can print immediately by choosing a printer without "PR" in its name. If you choose to hold the job for later retrieval, choose a printer such as cyclone-PR (print release).


Laptop printing

This installs the appropriate PaperCut print drivers on your laptop. To print from your Mac or Windows laptops, follow the setup procedures on this site:

When printing from your laptop, all jobs will be held in PaperCut until you release them using one of the release procedures below. The jobs are held for 12 hours.


Email-to Print  printing

This allows you to email print jobs from any mobile device, including your cell phone. To print documents as attachments via email, follow the setup instructions on this site:

When emailing attachments as print jobs, all jobs will be held in PaperCut until you release them using one of the release procedures below. The jobs are held for 12 hours.

Supported attachments: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, PDF, Picture Files



Releasing print jobs


1.    Releasing print jobs by swiping your ID card at a PaperCut release station

Currently, we have one release station located in Urbauer 217. This room contains three printers, all of which can print jobs that can be released by swiping your ID card. Those printers are cyclone-PR, typhoon-PR, tsunami-PR. They also have QR codes affixed, which allows you to release your jobs by scanning the code with your cell phone (see #3 below)

Some engineering printers (tempest-PR, twister-PR, raindrop-PR) do not have release stations attached to them, so those jobs can only be released by the following methods (#2 and #3)

2.    Releasing print jobs using the PaperCut Print Release web site

You can release your print jobs from any mobile device by using a web browser (Chrome recommended)

  1. Browse to
  2. Log in using your WUSTL credentials
  3. Search for appropriate printer
  4. Choose to release or cancel your job(s) 

TIP:  Pin a PrintRelease shortcut to your cell phone's home page

Android: Launch Chrome and navigate to Tap the menu (more)  button and tap Add to homescreen.


You'll be able to enter a name for the shortcut and then Chrome will add it to your home screen

iPhone, iPad: Launch Safari and navigate to Tap the Share button, then tap the 'Add to Home Screen' icon. Name the icon, and then tap Add



3.    Releasing print jobs by scanning a QR code with your cell phone

While users can search to locate a device, QR codes provide a mechanism to launch Mobile Print Release directly with the printer automatically selected. Users simply scan the QR code on the printer with their mobile, which will automatically open the mobile release queue for the scanned printer.


iPhone iOS 5 and newer

Android ICS and newer

Download and install a free QR Code reader app, such as "QR Code Reader"

QR Code Reader App

  1. Send a print job to one of the print-release printers.
  2. Scan the printer's QR code with the QR code reader app
  3. It will pop up the PaperCut mobile-release log-in webpage
  4. Log in to the PaperCut console.
  5. Your print job(s) will be listed.
  6. Once you arrive at the printer, touch 'print' to release the job(s)


iPad printing

In order to print using your iOS device, first download and install the Mobile Client.

Follow the prompts to install the App. Afterwards, a Printing App (a Web Clip) is available on the home screen.