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​Academic Remote Desktop Server​

We have a new 2016 RDSH Farm that will contain 4 Servers running 2016 to support Remote Access. This allows users to access many of the programs found in the Engineering labs on your personal computer. To access the remote server login to: with ACCOUNTS\WUSTL Key username

For more detailed instructions to setup a Connection URL for your personal laptop for Windows or Mac, go here:

For students using the 3 instrumentation Labs in Green 1157, Urb208, and Urb115, we will still keep around a single Remote Terminal Server running 2008R2 supporting the Windows 7 labs. This will be :


Search for Microsoft Remote Desktop in the App Store.


Due to the diversity of Linux distributions available, it is not possible to give a blanket recommendation. Some users have had success with rdesktop. If you need help, please email with your distribution and any other relevant information, and we'll attempt to help as best we can.


If you encounter a need for software that hasn't been installed on oasis, please email

Please be aware that oasis uses a different user profile from the lab machines. This means that any files you save to your desktop will not be accessible from anywhere else. Please save all your files in your home directory, and they will be accessible anywhere.


Lopata Hall, Room 408
Fax: 314-935-4343
Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (CST)