File Access/Restore

Save Files

To make sure your files are accessible, you need to store them on the H:\ drive (your network drive). Your network drive can be accessed on both Windows and Linux platforms.

When you logon to a computer in the SEAS or SEASAD domain your network drive (H:\) will automatically be mounted.

There are two methods to access files remotely.

  1. You can use an SSH client to access your network drive with a terminal interface.
  2. You can also access your files using a Remote Desktop connection.

Create a Zip File

To create a zip file in Windows, select the file(s) that you want to be in the zip file. Right click the highlighted file(s) then select Send to, then Compressed (zipped) folder.

If you want a stand alone Zip program, Zipper is a free zip/unzip utility for Windows.

Map Network Drive

Mount USB Drive in Linux Lab

  • Insert the key into a USB port.
  • Enter the command mount /media/usbdisk. If this does not work, try mount /media/usbdisk1
  • The files are now accessible under /media/usbdisk (or /media/usbdisk1).
  • Be sure to use unmount /media/usbdisk (or unmount /media/usbdisk1) to unmount the key before removing it.

Restore a file to a previous version

Restore Files