Class Websites

The Engineering class web server provides a common location for all of the School's class web pages. A new directory is created each semester. After the semester ends, permissions on the files are changed to prevent public access. This provides an archive of websites from previous semesters while protecting class materials.

The server is a Linux Apache server and does not support FrontPage extensions. If your web page requires FrontPage extensions, please email and a location for your classes will be created on a Windows web server.

When you are ready to publish your web page, email the class name to A directory for your class will be created. You will be the owner of the directory and a class group will be created. This class group can be used to give other people access to maintain your class website.

The URL for your class page will be

Default layouts

Maintaining Class Websites

For Mac OSX use Connect to Server. The server name is smb://

For Windows users, follow these instructions to map a class network drive:

  1. First you need to map the class drive on your local computer. Open Windows Explorer. Under Tools select Map Network Drive. Under folder enter \\\class-web\engineering.
  2. Select Connect using different user name.
  3. Enter your SEAS username and password (remember to add seas\ before your username).
  4. Select OK and then select Finish.
  5. You should now see a list of class websites. If a folder does not exist for your class, contact and a folder will be created for you.
  6. From here, move the files from your local computer to the mapped drive. Remember: The files will not be posted on the web until they are moved to the mapped "internet" drive.