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Women Faculty​ in Engineering

Forbes named Washington University in St. Louis one of the most important STEM colleges for women. WashU Engineering strives to provide a supportive environment and encourages diversity in the school's research labs and classrooms.


Kunal Agrawal
Kunal Agrawal Associate Professor
Hong Chen
Hong Chen Assistant Professor
Young-Shin Jun
Young-Shin Jun Associate Professor
Caitlin Kelleher
Caitlin Kelleher Associate Professor
I-Ting Angelina Lee
I-Ting Angelina Lee Assistant Professor
Kristen Naegle
Kristen Naegle Assistant Professor
Alvitta Ottley
Alvitta Ottley Assistant Professor
Kimberly Parker
Kimberly Parker Assistant Professor
Lori Setton
Lori Setton Professor
Jessica Wagenseil
Jessica Wagenseil Associate Professor
Patricia Weisensee
Patricia Weisensee Assistant Professor
Lan Yang
Lan Yang Professor
Xuan (Silvia) Zhang
Xuan (Silvia) Zhang Assistant Professor
Quing Zhu
Quing Zhu Professor

Lecturers & Other Instructors

Anupriya Agrawal
Anupriya Agrawal Research Assistant Professor
Chiamaka Asinugo
Chiamaka Asinugo Lab & Design Course Specialist
Emily Boyd
Emily Boyd Principal Lecturer
Janie Brennan
Janie Brennan Lecturer
Martha Hasting
Martha Hasting Senior Lecturer
Fran Hooker
Fran Hooker Lecturer
Mary Malast
Mary Malast Lab & Design Course Specialist
Sandra Matteucci
Sandra Matteucci Senior Lecturer
Cindy Mittanck
Cindy Mittanck Lecturer
Marion Neumann
Marion Neumann Lecturer
Ruth Okamoto
Ruth Okamoto Senior Research Associate
Patricia Widder
Patricia Widder Senior Lecturer