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​Financial Assistance & Scholarships for Dual Degree Students

All students who enter the Engineering Dual Degree Undergraduate & Graduate Degrees (Graduate 3-year Option) are awarded the Graduate Affiliation Scholarship which guarantees a 50 percent tuition discount for the first year, a 55 percent discount the second year and a 60 percent discount the third year. International and domestic students are eligible.

Domestic students who enter the Engineering Dual Degree Undergraduate Degree (Undergraduate 2-year Option) may also be eligible for federal grants, student loans and part-time employment. Participants in the undergraduate 2-year option are classified as an undergraduate student and therefore may qualify for undergraduate financial support; if you are currently a senior, you may be eligible for more undergraduate support if you wait and graduate with both undergraduate degrees from both institutions at the same time.

Brown Fellowship and Hunter Scholarship

Merit awards are available for both the Undergraduate 2-year Option and the Graduate 3-year Option.  The Harold P. Brown Engineering Fellowships are merit scholarships for dual degree students enrolled in the Undergraduate 2-year Option who excel both academically and in co-curricular achievements. At least one full-tuition Brown Fellowship is awarded and up to ten partial scholarships.  The Lee Hunter Scholarship provides Graduate 3-Year Option students $3,000 off tuition for each of your first and second years of study, and an additional $4,000 off tuition in your third year. Please note that the Hunter Scholarship is in addition to the Graduate Affiliation Scholarship, which guarantees tuition remission of a 50% tuition discount the first year, a 55% tuition discount the second year, and a 60% tuition discount the third year for those enrolled in the Graduate 3-Year Option.  

The deadline to apply is March 10.​


First Name:
Last Name:
Middle Name:
Cell Phone Number:
Semester and year of entry at WUSTL:
E-mail address:
U.S. Citizenship:
Present College/University:
Current Major(s):
Current Overall GPA:
Desired Engineering Major:

Two letters of recommendation from faculty

Each recommendation letter should be signed and saved as a PDF. Faculty should e-mail (by the deadline from their personal e-mail address) recommendations to:

Last name of Faculty 1:
Last name of Faculty 2:

Upload Essay: Up to 1MB in file size.
Upload an original essay that you have written which describes why you wish to obtain an engineering degree, the engineering career path you would like to pursue, and why you would like to earn your degree from Washington University in St. Louis. The essay should be typed, single-spaced and be no more than three total pages. Be sure to include your name at the top of each page of your essay.

Upload Resume: Up to 1MB in file size.
Upload a resume and/or a list of all extracurricular activities you have been involved with since graduating from high school. Be sure to include your name at the top of each page.


Dual Degree Program Staff

Ron Laue
Assistant Dean

Kate Whitaker
Administrative Assistant
Lopata Hall, Room 303

Rob Lahue

"The transition here was also very smooth, and I had no trouble integrating into the larger engineering community. WashU is a challenging school, but there is no shortage of support."