Financial Assistance & Scholarships for Dual Degree Students

All students who enter the Engineering Dual Degree Undergraduate & Graduate Degrees (Graduate 3-year Option) are awarded the Graduate Affiliation Scholarship which guarantees a 50 percent tuition discount for the first year, a 55 percent discount the second year and a 60 percent discount the third year. International and domestic students are eligible.

Domestic students who enter the Engineering Dual Degree Undergraduate Degree (Undergraduate 2-year Option) may also be eligible for federal grants, student loans and part-time employment. Participants in the undergraduate 2-year option are classified as an undergraduate student and therefore may qualify for undergraduate financial support; if you are currently a senior, you may be eligible for more undergraduate support if you wait and graduate with both undergraduate degrees from both institutions at the same time.

Merit-Based Scholarships

Merit awards are available for both the Undergraduate 2-year Option and the Graduate 3-year Option. The Harold P. Brown Engineering Fellowships are merit scholarships for dual degree students enrolled in the Undergraduate 2-year Option who excel both academically and in co-curricular achievements. At least one full-tuition Brown Fellowship is awarded and up to ten partial scholarships. The Lee Hunter Scholarship provides Graduate 3-Year Option students $3,000 off tuition for each of your first and second years of study, and an additional $4,000 off tuition in your third year. Please note that the Hunter Scholarship is in addition to the Graduate Affiliation Scholarship, which guarantees tuition remission of a 50% tuition discount the first year, a 55% tuition discount the second year, and a 60% tuition discount the third year for those enrolled in the Graduate 3-Year Option.

The deadline to apply is March 10.

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