International master's students who have been accepted for Fall 2020

We realize that there are many questions surrounding the re-opening of embassies and consulates, and in response, we have made some changes to our Fall 2020 format. We are working hard to help you be successful at Washington University in St. Louis.

We hope consulates and embassies will re-open soon, but if you do not receive a visa before the semester begins, you can start your program online.

By starting online this fall and coming to campus in January 2021, you will receive the following benefits:

  • If you are unable to arrive in St. Louis for the start of the semester, you will be able to take your first semester online;

  • All curriculum will be taught by the same McKelvey School of Engineering faculty as our on-campus format;

  • Your selection to take your first semester online has no impact on your visa time limits when you arrive;

  • You will have virtual access to other Washington University students worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does taking courses online impact my visa?
    • Students taking courses from a foreign country, that do not hold a F-1 visa, will not have any implications from taking on-line courses. When you do receive your visa, your length of program will not be impacted.
  2. Does an online semester change the length of time to complete my program?
    • No, when you do receive your visa, the length of program will remain the same.
  3. Do I need my visa to take the classes online?
    • No, these courses are being offered for situations in which students are not able to receive their visa in time to start the semester in person.
  4. What is the minimum/maximum number of courses I can take online?
    • Before enrolling in the on-line courses you should speak with your assigned academic advisor (usually assigned later in the summer). If you take less than 8 units of instruction the part time tuition rate will be charged. The full time tuition rate applies to anyone taking more than 9 units of instruction.
  5. Can I defer if I don't want to take on-line courses?
    • Yes, if you are more comfortable with deferring, we allow for a one semester or one year deferral. Just mark accept in your application portal and email us at to let us know you wish to defer instead.

  6. Will the curriculum be different if I choose an online course?
    • The courses are the same high-quality courses taught by WashU faculty on campus, and does not change your program choices when you arrive.
  7. Will my tuition amount change?
    • As a student who is not in F-1 visa status, unlike on campus, you are allowed to be in part time status. Anyone taking less than 8 units of instruction at McKelvey School of Engineering will pay the part time tuition rate of $1,994/unit.
  8. Does this impact any scholarships or fellowships I have received?
    • We will honor any scholarships and/or fellowships you have been offered through McKelvey School of Engineering for the on-line course offerings.
  9. Will these courses be counted toward my degree?
    • We plan to offer courses that are part of each degree offering and will count towards degree completion. Again, you should speak with your academic advisor before enrolling to ensure it is an appropriate course for your particular program.