McKelvey Engineering makes significant contributions to some of the most exciting fields in modern engineering. Whether it is AI, imaging, biomedicine, aerosols or cyberphysical systems, we have the people, tools and partnerships to facilitate your research goals.

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Full Support & Funding

Our PhD students are fully funded, including full tuition support and health insurance.
As a PhD candidate, you will also receive a generous stipend to cover living expenses.
This support is guaranteed as you continue to make satisfactory progress toward your degree.

Highlighted PhD Programs

  • Ben Sumlin
    "Coming to WashU was the obvious choice, given their intense focus on all aspects of aerosol science and technology, from fundamental physics to nanomaterials and other applications."
    Ben Sumlin

    Degree Pursuing: PhD in energy, environmental & chemical engineering

    Hometown: Reno, NV

  • Kathryn Sarullo
    "I picked WashU for the location and the faculty. I am working under S. Joshua Swamidass, MD, PhD, applying machine-learning techniques and decision theory to chemical biology and clinical data."
    Kathryn Sarullo

    Degree Pursuing: PhD in computer science

    From: Florida

  • Yana Malysheva
    "My current research is focused on analyzing how students build and debug code that is intended to solve a specific problem. Through this analysis, we want to be able to answer questions like ‘what types of learner behaviors are productive and what types are unproductive?’"
    Yana Malysheva

    Degree Pursuing: PhD in computer science

    From: New Jersey

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