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​Tuition & Finan​​​cial Assistance​ for Graduate Students

U.S. Citizens and permanent residents may be eligible for loans.

​​​​​​PhD Students: All full-time PhD applications are reviewed for full financial support (tuition remission, stipend and health insurance subsidy). Most offers of financial support are guaranteed as long as the student is making progress toward completion of the degree. Each engineering department may offer specific fellowships.

​Master's ​Students: Master’s students are expected to be self-supporting. There are limited fellowship and research assistantship opportunities available for full-time master’s students. 

Tuition ​('17-'18)

If Full-Time Status $25,325 per semester (if enrolled in 9 or more units) 

If Full-Time Status $2,110 per unit (1 - 8 units) 

If Part-Time Status $1,794 per unit (1 - 8 units) 

Full-Time Status for Master’s Students is defined as: Enrolled in 9 units or more OR enrolled in any “883” placeholder course (Masters Continuing Student) 

Full-time Status for PhD student is defined as: Enrolled in 9 units or more OR registered in a zero-unit course (LGS 9000 full-time graduate research/study or LGS 9001 full-time graduate study in absentia) that indicates the student's full-time engagement in research or academic writing.

Full-time Status for DSc Students is defined as: Enrolled in 9 units or more OR enrolled in any “884” placeholder course (Doctoral Continuing Student)

  • ​​​Tuition is based on the number of enrolled course units. When a student takes 9 or more units, a flat-rate tuition is applied. A per unit rate is applied if a student is enrolled in 8 or less units. 
  • Tuition for full-time students is determined by each student’s prime division, not by the division that teaches the course. Students should check with their department before enrolling in courses outside their division. 
  • International graduate students are not permitted to register for fewer than 9 units without special permission from the Office of International Students and Scholars.​​​​​


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