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Computer Science and ​Computer Engineering

Computing and computing systems, from super-computers to smartphones to networked sensors, have transformed science and society.

You can join this exciting field, learning from faculty contributing to this innovation. They build polarization cameras for safer cancer surgery, create software that motivates young students to learn to program, propose computational models for genome evolution, process millions of webcam images to better understand climate change, deploy sensors to monitor bridges’ structural safety, and develop algorithms that let you automatically construct and navigate 3-D scenes from photos.

>> Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

“I’ve always wanted to travel to Australia, and I had an opportunity to study abroad through the Olin Business School even as an Engineering student.” - Julia, Class of 2018

Hometown: Oakland, California

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Urban Studies

Extracurricular: Varsity Track and Field, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Teaching English as a Second Language

Engineering Grand Challenge: Secure Cyberspace

With help from experts around the world, the National Academy of Engineering identified “Grand Challenges for Engineering” in the 21st century. From access to clean water and renewable energy sources to better medicine and a safer Internet, WashU engineers are committed to addressing them.