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​Mechanical Engineering

Students studying Mechanical Engineering work with faculty on topics ranging from renewable energy and efficient vehicles to nanotechnology, manufacturing, and biomechanics.

Students learn about the mechanics of solids and fluids, thermodynamics and heat transfer, the science of materials, and the principles and techniques of mechanical engineering design.

Hands-on projects, such as student-designed satellites; international projects through Engineers Without Borders; and participation in faculty research in brain injury mechanics, soft materials or structural control give our students opportunities to interact with peers and professors throughout our department, the university and global institutions.

“My experience on the Formula SAE team has allowed me to put skills I’ve learned in the classroom into practice. The knowledge that I’ve gained from the team will prove invaluable in my internship and as I start my career.” - Nick, Class of 2017

Hometown: Sudbury, Massachusetts

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Minor: Jazz Studies

Extracurricular: Ultimate Frisbee, President of the WashU Racing Team (Formula SAE)

Engineering Grand Challenge: Reverse Engineer the Brain

With help from experts around the world, the National Academy of Engineering identified “Grand Challenges for Engineering” in the 21st century. From access to clean water and renewable energy sources to better medicine and a safer Internet, WashU engineers are committed to addressing them.