Women & Engineering Center

Women & Engineering Leadership Development

Through our leadership development programming, we provide a range of workshops and professional opportunities throughout the year, designed to enhance the skill sets that women engineers have identified as crucial for their career success. 

Leadership development

The Women & Engineering Center is committed to preparing individuals to excel in their engineering careers. Our workshops focus on cultivating skill sets that have proven influential in navigating challenging situations, driving career growth and enabling leadership excellence. Examples of workshop topics include:

  • Influencing without authority: Discover techniques and strategies to navigate complex professional environments effectively, build strong relationships, and influence decisions and outcomes without formal authority.
  • Negotiation: Learn the art of negotiation, equipping yourself with the skills to confidently advocate for your worth, secure fair compensation and navigate challenging scenarios.
  • Storytelling: Learn the power of storytelling as a means of effective communication and leadership. Develop the ability to craft compelling narratives that engage and inspire others while effectively conveying your ideas and vision.

In addition to our workshops, we are proud to support students in their preparation for two professional conferences: the Society of Women Engineers National Conference and the Grace Hopper Conference. Our team provides guidance and assistance to ensure that students are well-prepared to maximize their experience at these conferences. We offer resources, mentorship and workshops to help students refine their resumes, develop effective networking strategies, and showcase their talents and accomplishments to potential employers.