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Commencement events for the Class of 2023

The McKelvey Engineering Recognition Ceremony will take place Sunday, May 14, 2023, at 1 p.m. in the Field House. This in-person ceremony is for all engineering students earning a BS, MS, PhD, or DSc degree. At this ceremony students will walk across the stage and have their names announced. 

Students should report to the elevated track in Sumers Recreation Center at Noon on Sunday, May 14.
  • Field House will open to guests at noon as well.
  • Please account for increased traffic and parking when planning your drive in.
Go to the commencement.wustl.edu for information regarding:
  • ADA drop-off and parking information
  • Up-to-date COVID protocols
  • Regalia ordering

The all-University Commencement will take place Monday, May 15, 2023 at 9 a.m. at Francis Olympic Field. At this ceremony degrees are conferred for all Washington University graduates.

Both events will be livestreamed and recorded for viewing after the event.

McKelvey Engineering Recognition Ceremony
Sunday, May 14 at 1 p.m.
Location: Field House
Livestream link here.

University Commencement
Monday, May 15 at 9 a.m.
Location: Francis Olympic Field
Livestream link here.

McKelvey Engineering Recognition Ceremony Livestream

Please join us in celebrating Class of 2023 graduate and degree candidates.
Event opens on Sunday, May 14, 2023

2023 Departmental Ceremonies

Departments will hold receptions immediately following the Recognition Ceremony
on Sunday, May 14, 2023.

Location: Bauer and Knight Hall, Frick Forum


Engineering Commencement News

McKelvey Recognition ceremony and University Graduation FAQ’s

1. Can I walk in the May/Dec. ceremony even if I am not actually graduating yet?
Students who are not graduating in SP can participate in both spring events (commencement and the McKelvey Recognition Ceremony) if they have graduated the SU or FL before or if they plan to graduate in the SU or FL after. If you already graduated, there is no need to sign up for anything.  We already have your information. If graduation will happen after SP, then the student must have an ITG (intent to graduate for SU or FL) OR inform the McKelvey Commencement Team (McKelvey_Commencement@wustl.edu) of their intentions.
2. Do I need to “sign up” to participate in the May ceremony if I am not graduating until the end of the summer?
See Question 1
3. What is the deadline to “sign up” for the graduation ceremony?
Deadlines for submission of an Intent to Graduate can be found on the academic calendar. In general, SP ITG is due the previous December, FL ITGs are due in September.
4. Do I have to wear regalia to the McKelvey recognition ceremony? To the University ceremony?

YES.  If you have an issue paying for a rental contact McKelvey_Commencement@wustl.edu

5. Which ceremony do I participate in, the McKelvey recognition ceremony or the University ceremony? What is the difference?

Recognition Ceremony is for all McKelvey graduates. This the ceremony where you cross the stage and your name is read aloud.

Commencement Ceremony is University-wide. This event generally has a famous speaker and degrees are officially conferred. No personal recognition nor stage crossing takes place.

Students may choose to participate in either, both, or neither.

6. Do I walk across the stage at both ceremonies?
See Question 5.
7. Do I need tickets to attend any of the ceremonies?

School Recognition Ceremony does not require tickets. But, graduates are asked to limit their guest party to 8.

8. I am a PhD student. How is my graduation different? Will my mentor be with me on the stage?
PhD students sit in the audience with all students at the SP EN Recognition Ceremony.  When crossing the stage, PhD grads are hooded. Once a PhD student fills out an ITG, the McKelvey Commencement Team will contact the student’s faculty advisor to invite them to sit on stage and hood their graduating PhD advisees. If the PhD student prefers a different faculty member to be their hooder, they need to let the McKelvey Commencement Team know. If the faculty advisor is unable to attend, and another faculty member is not preferred, the Dept. Chair will hood the student.
9. How will my PhD mentor get graduation information?
The McKelvey Commencement team will send a note to all EN faculty asking if they are planning to hood any graduates. PhD graduates should discuss hooding with their advisor, so that if the FA cannot be present at the ceremony another hooder can be chosen. Deptment Chairs will hood any student who does not have a hooder.
10. My PhD mentor will not be available to attend the ceremony. Can I still participate? Who will hood me?
Yes. You can still participate. See Questions 9
11. Is there a limit on how many guests I can invite?
Please keep your guest party around 2-6 with a limit of 8.
12. Is there a virtual, livestream option for my family to watch graduation?
The event will be live-streamed. Then within 48 hours, a video will replace the live-stream link on this page.
13. Is there a reception after either of the ceremonies? If so, where will it be located? Can all my guests attend?
There will be a celebration after the EN Recognition Ceremony immediately following the event on Sunday in the Knight Center. There is a celebration after the Commencement Ceremony on Monday.  Booths and fun can be found all over campus. Guests are welcome.
14. Will my international visiting family need any special documentation to attend?
No, and we do not provide letters for VISAs.
15. When will I get my diploma?
Diplomas will be mailed after the events. Be sure to update your “address for diploma mailing” in your record. More info here.
16. Is there a fee charged for mailing my diploma?
There is no charge for your first diploma. Be sure that your name is the way you want it (in the ITG).  Replacement diplomas carry a charge of $50 or more.