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McKelvey Engineering IT ensures enabling technologies and solutions are provided so that faculty, staff, and students can focus on scientific excellence, innovation, and collaboration without boundaries.

Academic Computing

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Loaner laptops - Please have the instructor of your Engineering course send email to requesting a loaner for you.


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Research Computing

McKelvey Cluster

  • EIT maintains a local compute cluster for use by all Engineering faculty, staff, and students for computational needs. The cluster hosts most of the licensed software the school maintains, and researchers can add in their own software/hardware for lab-specific needs and access control. For access to the cluster or questions, please email If you are already authorized for cluster access, the link above will require you to login with your WUSTL Key, and provide an interface granting access to and instructions on using the cluster.


  • For large-scale computational needs, RIS maintains a HPC resource for all of WashU

Secure shell



  • WashU Sites is Washington University’s self-service Web publishing platform, designed to give you a fast and easy way to independently create and manage your own website at no cost.
Operational Computing

Audio Visual

  • Engineering IT offers a variety of audiovisual services to Engineering faculty, staff and official student groups. Student groups should have their faculty sponsor arrange AV services on their behalf. EIT has the resources to record or live-stream your lectures, presentations, guest speakers or other events. We can bring video cameras, microphones, and other equipment to wherever you need your content recorded. We also have a digital production studio for prerecording a presentation in an isolated environment, for post processing through chroma-keying, or by intermixing with a PowerPoint or other presentation.

    To request support, please call 933-3333 and let them know you are requesting Audiovisual support in McKelvey Engineering.


Loaner equipment for faculty and staff




Wustl Key