Emerging Leader Awards

The McKelvey Emerging Leader Award honors young engineering alumni who exemplify leadership and service through scientific excellence and innovation. This award highlights the positive impact alumni make on their local community, country and the world.

2024 McKelvey Engineering Emerging Leaders. From left: Chris Kroeger, Joe Beggs, Jennifer Sisto Gall, Vinoo Ganesh, Maisie Mahoney and Aaron Bobick
Joe Beggs, BS '20
Vinoo Ganesh, BS '13
Maisie Mahoney, BS '16
Jennifer Sisto Gall, BS '10

Frank Bergh, BS '08
Craig Goergen, BS '05
Kate Nevin, BS '09, MS '09
Fiona Turett, BS '09 

Christine Hansen, BS '10
Melissa Holtmeyer Terlaje, BS '06, MS '07, PhD '12
Jennifer Pangborn-Dolde, BS '06, MS '06
John Schupbach, MD, BS '10, MBA

Robert Hamilton, BS ‘08
Patti Harburg-Petrich, BS ‘05, MS ‘05
David Levene, BS ‘05
Brent Ramerth, BS ‘07
Stephanie Willerth, MS ‘08, PhD ‘08