Washington University in St. Louis cooperates with a select group of affiliated colleges and universities to offer students the opportunity to earn a liberal arts degree from their current school and an undergraduate engineering degree from WashU.

The Dual Degree Program is an attractive alternative to traditional engineering curricula. Program graduates are "liberally educated engineers," with strong communication and problem-solving skills, a broad background in the humanities and social sciences, and a high-quality technical education.

Advantages of the Dual Degree program

Top five reasons to come to McKelvey Engineering at WashU for your second degree

1. WashU is an R1 research institution where at least 80% of engineering undergraduates have one or more research, internship or co-op experiences.
2. An automatic scholarship for the graduate 3-year option: 50% tuition discount in the first year, 55% in the second, and 60% in the third.
3. We are a close community. We have orientation, mentoring and events led by Dual Degree peers. You can even get housing with other Dual Degree students.
4. Between our undergraduate and our graduate programs, you'll find a program that fits your interests. And will be able to meet students in other programs by getting involved in our many student organizations.
5. You'll be prepared for any technical or business career. You'll graduate with scientific problem-solving skills and will be able to work with teams to address challenges.

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Meet our Dual Degree students

“These students are risk takers and more willing to step outside of their comfort zone. They want to grab every bit of it for the short amount of time that they are here.”

— Ron Laue

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“The resources that are available to the students played a key role; in terms of research, internships and co-ops. Students are put in a position where they can achieve their goals and become successful.” — Cyrus Kirwa

“In the Dual Degree program we all support one another. Any second- or third-year is always willing to take time to give advice. It is so nice to have a group of people who are in the same situation as you and want you to be successful.” — Emily Gay

“I’d make the same decision again. It has benefitted me in so many ways. It’s a value-trade, having the skills to get a job that I enjoy rather than being in a chemistry lab for the rest of my life. I would make the same value trade-off every time.” — John Fordice


Research, design projects & career opportunities

Students are encouraged to pursue independent research projects, internships, cooperative education, international experiences or graduate study. The WashU Career Center's ultimate goal is for students to graduate with job placement, acceptance into graduate or professional school, or commitment to a short-term program.



Housing & dining

Typically, Dual Degree students live in either the Dual Degree apartments (located in the University City Loop), other WashU-owned apartments, or in other nearby apartment buildings in the residential neighborhood north and northeast of the Danforth Campus. Students may use public transportation to travel to and from campus at no cost using a WashU Metro Pass (U-Pass).

All undergraduates, including those living off campus, are required to purchase a meal plan. Washington University Dining Services has been nationally recognized for providing outstanding dining experiences.

Dual Degree Program Staff

Ron Laue, Senior Assistant Dean
Scott Crawford, Assistant Dean
Kate Whitaker, Program Coordinator

Lopata Hall, Room 303

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