Strategic Plan

Leadership & Committee

Meet the leaders who helped to develop the McKelvey School of Engineering's Strategic Plan.

While many other people contributed to the success of this process and the final plan, the strategic planning committee invested many hours, and this plan would not have been possible without their tremendous dedication.

Steering committee members:

Kathy Flores, co-chair
Chao Zhou, co-chair
Nick Benassi
Jason He
Nathan Jacobs
Ulugbek Kamilov
Mark Meacham
Alex Rutz
William Yeoh

Sub-committee members:

Work Environment & Culture:

  • Ulugbek Kamilov, co-chair
  • Alex Rutz, co-chair
  • Nick Benassi
  • Megan Flake
  • Christine Dearmont
  • Beth Gartin
  • Ariana Jasarevic
  • Glenn Reitz
  • Nicole Smith
  • Jessica Wagenseil

Research & Innovation:

  • Jason He, co-chair
  • Nathan Jacobs, co-chair
  • Peng Bai
  • Shantanu Chakrabarty
  • Hong Chen
  • Natalie Goodwin-Frank
  • Farsh Guilak
  • Xianglin Li
  • Nicole Mercier
  • Alex Rutz
  • Monica Shokeen 
  • Eugene Vorobeychik


  • Mark Meacham, co-chair
  • William Yeoh, co-chair
  • Jessica Allen
  • Emily Boyd
  • Cathy Freesmeier
  • Ulugbek Kamilov
  • Chris Kroeger
  • Joe Scherrer
  • Doug Shook
  • Jay Turner
  • Patricia Widder