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Our PhD students are fully-funded, including full tuition support and health insurance.

As a doctoral candidate, you will receive a generous stipend to cover living expenses. This support is guaranteed as you continue to make satisfactory progress towards your degree.

Additionally, doctoral students may also qualify for one of the fellowships:

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Quing Zhu
Professor in Biomedical Engineering 
Expertise: advancing cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment prediction and monitoring

Research News
Machine learning, imaging technique may boost colon cancer diagnosis

Daniel Giammar
Walter E. Browne Professor of Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Researches sustainable solutions to produce safe drinking water

Research News
Water: Vital for life | playing a major role in solving the world's water crisis

Alvitta Ottley
Assistant Professor in Computer Science & Engineering 
Expertise: Focuses on designing personalized & adaptive visualization systems

Research News
Making sense, pictures of medical data

Mark Meacham
Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
Expertise: Studies microfluidics, micro-electromechanical systems and associated transport phenomena

Research News
Algae cells offer in-depth look at waves, acoustics and vibrations

Matthew Lew
Assistant Professor in Electrical & Systems Engineering
Expertise: Builds new nanoscale imaging technologies

Research NewsNew microscopy method provides unprecedented look at amyloid protein structure

Expert researchers as mentors

We offer a network of expert faculty conducting interdisciplinary research across a number of the university’s top programs.

Earning your degree at WashU will allow you to connect and study with research leaders in your field.

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Our students come from a variety of disciplines, interests and universities across the globe. 

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Alex Reiter
Degree pursuing: PhD in mechanical engineering
"The entire MEMS department was incredibly understanding of my unique situation and remained flexible as things changed. I cannot say enough positive things about the support I received from the MEMS faculty and staff."

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Jennifer Sun
Degree pursuing: PhD in biomedical engineering
"Don't stress out about the qualifying exam. Looking back, the exam was so much more relaxed than I expected. Take your time, you are still a first-year PhD student. You are still learning!"

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Maren Loe
Degree pursuing: PhD in systems science & mathematics and MD
"The Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) at WashU is one of the largest and most prestigious in the country. The combination of opportunities here was ideal for me: A top-notch medical education, cutting edge and collaborative biomedical research, and the opportunity to train at a world-class hospital."

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