Hasima Hajdini

Sever Institute
Degree pursuing: MS in health care operational excellence
Hometown: Bosnia
Employer: St. Louis Children's Hospital

Where did you complete your undergraduate degree?
University of Missouri-St. Louis

What played into your decision to get a graduate engineering degree?
I love learning, and this degree would give me a great opportunity to broaden my knowledge.

Why did you pick WashU?
The health care operational excellence program is unique and WashU is a great learning institution.

What advice would you give to a new student?
Come and try something new, and you will be amazed by the number of new things and opportunities that will be in front of you.

What is your favorite thing about St. Louis?
St. Louis is now my home, and my favorite thing is the diversity that is everywhere around me.

Where are you from?

Do you have any work history?
I’ve lived in St. Louis since 1999 and worked in Lutheran Senior Services nursing home from 2000 to 2010. After finishing nursing school in 2010, I worked at St. Louis Children's Hospital as a post-anesthesia care unit nurse.

Are there any not-for-profit agencies that you have volunteered or worked with?
Saint Martha's Hall

What are your plans for the future?
I would like to stay in clinical nursing and use my knowledge to make changes in this field of work.