Emma Kroll

Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
Degree pursuing: BS in mechanical engineering
Hometown: East Brunswick, New Jersey

Why did you pick Washington University in St. Louis?
As soon as I stepped foot on campus as a prospective student, I was immediately exposed to the amazing outpouring of support and the community that WashU fosters. Everywhere I looked I saw students who were willing to help each other succeed and professors that encouraged learning and growth both within and outside of academics. I have yet to find another environment where my peers are as committed to my success as I am and where my professors go to such great lengths to accommodate my needs and ensure understanding of the material introduced.

What was your favorite course and why?
So far, "Introduction to Mechanical Engineering" has been my favorite class. As a freshman, I was able to get hands-on and get an idea of how the concepts and theories I was learning in other classes applied to the real world. It was so amazing to be able to put things I’d only ever heard about into practice. My professor fostered a fun environment with jokes and competitions so that I really got excited about the class, my area of study and my eventual future in mechanical engineering.

Who is your favorite instructor and why?
Dr. Guy Genin is definitely my favorite instructor. I have only had great experiences with all of my professors, but Dr. Genin goes above and beyond. On the first warm day of spring, he took us outside to learn about the dynamics of frisbees, and we all played as a class while learning outside in the nice weather. Dr. Genin is always available to help students both in terms of academics and in general. He definitely sees his students as people first and students second. He is willing to help and support you when you need it, and you’ll still be able to succeed in his classes no matter what else is going on outside of school.

What advice would you give to a new student?
Try not to worry too much about things you can’t control. Doing your best is the most important thing, and if you do that, everything else will work out. Peers and professors will work with you to make any necessary accommodations.

What is your favorite thing about St. Louis?
How accessible it is! The on-campus metro stops really make it easy to head into St. Louis and explore. There are amazing restaurants, sports, shops and experiences you can get to for free with a student metro pass.

What campus activities or groups would you recommend to a new student?
I would recommend joining groups related to your interests, no matter how diverse they might be. I have had a great time being a part of the Society of Women Engineers and Studio Tesla, which creates and implements STEM education with kids in the community. I have also loved being part of a club sports team that has allowed me to meet so many people outside of my major.

Are you presently in the workforce or have any work history?
I currently work with Engineering Undergraduate Student Services at WashU as both a tour guide and a tutor. The tutoring is free to students, and I love being able to help other students understand what they’re learning. As a tour guide, I get to meet and be a point of contact with prospective students and share my experiences and advice with them. It is so incredible to be able to play a part in other students’ college application processes.

What are your plans for the future?
As of right now, I plan to continue my education and receive a master's degree in engineering. After that, I hope to enter the workforce and continue doing what I am interested in and passionate about to help others around me.