Why did you decide to study engineering?
I wanted to study a profession that combined science, mathematics and creativity. I wanted to develop both my technical skills and my ability to think critically, solve problems, collaborate and lead.

Are you performing any research in a lab?
Yes, in Professor O'Brien's Lab where I research wearable devices for women's health.

Why did you pick WashU?
I picked WashU for three main reasons: the culture, the quality of life and the opportunities. The students are collaborative, ambitious and driven. The campus is beautiful and is filled with everything you need to destress, be productive and have fun. The opportunities are abundant, whether it's research, student organizations, internships or co-ops.

Who is your favorite instructor and why?
Professor Patricia Widder is my absolute favorite instructor. She is an instructor in the biomedical engineering department who you take courses with for all four years, and as such develop a meaningful relationship with her as an instructor and as a mentor. She is incredibly knowledgeable about all things BME, favors a hands-on learning style that engages students with the material and with each other, and she is approachable with questions in person and available over email.

What advice would you give to a new student?
I would emphasize the importance of experiential learning. My advice to a new student would be to join a student club, a research lab or a part-time job on campus. WashU is an amazing institution because we are all surrounded by experts, and engaging with students and professors co-curricularly is invaluable in building skills and developing personally.

What is your favorite thing about St. Louis?
My favorite thing about St. Louis is all of the wonderful people that I've met here. St. Louis has all of the opportunities of a big and a small city. I think that's why WashU attracts so many brilliant and industrious people.

What campus activities or groups would you recommend to a new student?
I would recommend Engineers Without Borders, WURocketry, Design Build Fly and WURobotics.

What are your plans for the future?
I am considering graduate school for engineering somewhere in the United States, as well as a full-time job that allows me to engage with my work, learn new skills and develop professionally at a high rate.