Undergraduate Admissions

Life as a McKelvey Engineer

Get an inside look at life as a McKelvey Engineering undergraduate student. Explore videos inside the classroom and labs, tour our buildings, hear from engineers and learn about activities and student organizations.

Inside our classrooms and labs

MEMS 312

Undergraduate students in MEMS 312: Multidisciplinary Design & Prototyping designed and built electromechanical devices that they used to compete in a video-game racing competition.

BME lab

Students in Prof. Widder's quantitative physiology lab experimented with electromyography (muscle testing).

Environmental lab

Students get an introduction to air quality and pollution control with applications of chemistry, thermodynamics and fluid mechanics in the selection and design of air pollution control equipment in EECE 314.

Tour engineering buildings

Jubel Hall

Take a tour of Jubel Hall, home of the Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science.

McKelvey Hall

McKelvey Hall is home to the Department of Computer Science & Engineering and supports Washington University’s data science efforts

Whitaker Hall

Whitaker Hall is the home of McKelvey Engineering's Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Chatting with Engineers

Activities fair

Tag along with Mihir as he checks out the fall 2022 engineering activities fair

Stopping by Stanley's

Tag along with James, a senior studying computer science, as he chats with fellow engineering students over lunch at Stanley's.

First day with first years

Maeve caught up with some first year students on the first day of classes to hear their initial thoughts on WashU, St. Louis, food and more

Scholars in Engineering


Chloe Haynes is an undergraduate student studying computer science. Chloe is a Sam and Sophia Gupta Scholar.


JP Bermudez is an undergraduate student studying mechanical engineering. JP is a Kronthal Family Scholar.


Miranda Copenhaver is an undergraduate student studying biomedical engineering. Miranda is a Gray Family Langsdorf Scholar.

Student activities and events

EnCouncil's Vertigo

Vertigo is an annual dance party hosted by EnCouncil. Engineering students create and build a large-scale computer-controlled dance floor that lights up along with the DJ's music.


ESE Day, hosted by the Department of Electrical & Systems Engineering, celebrates the achievements of the department’s students and faculty.

WashU Robotics Club

Get to know WashU Robotics, the newest student organization with McKelvey Engineering.