Athena Tabakhi

Athena Tabakhi

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Computer Science & Engineering

  • Office
    Urbauer Hall, Room 225


PhD, Washington University in St. Louis, 2021
MS, New Mexico State University, 2014
BEng, Azad University of Tehran, 2009


AI and multi-agent systems, including constraint-based systems and preference elicitation


As a PhD student, Athena Tabakhi researched modeling and solving the elicitation and scheduling problem of home automation systems. The algorithms for solving the home automation scheduling problems focus on eliciting homeowners' preferences and constraints regarding their utilization of smart devices as exhaustive elicitation is not feasible. In such systems, smart devices need to be scheduled in an efficient manner such that some objectives are optimized while satisfying homeowners' preferences and constraints. Some of these objectives include minimizing the monetary cost to the homeowner and minimizing the peak power demand.


Athena Tabakhi joined the faculty in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering in Fall 2021 after earning a PhD at Washington University in St. Louis.