PhD, University of Texas, 1964
BA, University of Texas 1960


Upon graduation, Professor Rodin accepted a position as Senior Mathematician with Wyle Laboratories, a position he held for more than two years. In 1966, Professor Rodin became an associate professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics & Computer Science in the School of Engineering & Applied Science at Washington University in St. Louis.

Soon after, Professor Rodin became a member of the newly formed Department of Systems Science & Mathematics and was appointed Professor of Applied Mathematics & Systems Science. He also established and became the Director of Washington University’s Center for Optimization and Semantic Control.

Professor Rodin has been a consultant for numerous corporations and organizations including NASA, the United States Air Force and the United States Transportation Command. He has organized and chaired numerous major international conferences and his most recent research activities involved transportation and health care related issues. Professor Rodin is also editor-in chief of the International Journal of Computers and Mathematics with Applications, International Journal of Mathematical and Computer Modeling, Applied Mathematics Letters, and Monographs in Modern Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.

For many years, Professor Rodin’s principal activities were directed toward the mathematical modeling and solution of varieties of real life problems, ranging over fields such as acoustics, air and water pollution, population growth and health care and transportation.

During Professor Rodin’s 44-year tenure at Washington University, he has directed more than 27 theses and has seen nearly 700 systems science students pass through his department. Professor Rodin retired in May 2010.

In honor of his impressive career and significant contributions, the Professor Ervin Y. Rodin Scholarship has been established. The scholarship fund will support students in the Washington University McKelvey School of Engineering. The University is deeply appreciative of Professor Rodin’s meaningful contributions to students, industry and education.