Holehouse, team reveal new insights into cell signaling

Alex Holehouse, a postdoctoral researcher in biomedical engineering, was on a team that revealed detailed mechanistic insights into cell signaling

Alex Holehouse
Alex Holehouse
Cells give signals that lead to changes in the expression of genes in our bodies. Behind those signals are a variety of complex processes that researchers are still investigating. Alex Holehouse, a postdoctoral research associate in the lab of Rohit V. Pappu, the Edwin H. Murty Professor of Engineering in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, and a team of researchers recently revealed detailed mechanistic insights into how this signaling controls the activity of a regulator of chromatin, a group of molecules that includes DNA, RNA and proteins. The team used two models using p300, an enzyme important to cell growth and division and may prevent the growth of cancerous tumors, and showed how cellular signaling, transcription factor activation and dimerization controls the activation of p300. The paper was published in Nature Oct. 15.

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