A team of seven mechanical engineering students took first place in a student engineering design competition for the Gateway Arch, St. Louis' iconic monument.

The team was charged with solving a glare caused by the summer sunset in the new visitor's center under the Arch. The competition required that the solution was able to be turned on and off, that it would block the sun without altering the windows in any way, and be robust and aesthetically pleasing. The team's solution was using a waterfall-like effect on the windows to diffuse the light during the brightest hours. Using a liquid pumping system, a relatively opaque chemical would flow down the windows and be pumped back up to cycle through the sunset period.

Other participating teams were from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Saint Louis University, and Southwestern Illinois College.

The team members were:

  • Mitry Anderson, BSME, 2021
  • Xan Stoddard, BSME, MSEE, 2020
  • Luke Solondz, BSME, 2021
  • Matthew Finer, BSME, 2021
  • Tony Sancho, BSME, 2021
  • Kristian Nilsen, BSME, BFA, 2021
  • Rudy Lawler, BSME, 2021


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