Elson to receive the 2020 Ignacio Tinoco Award

Eliot Elson will receive the Ignacio Tinoco Award from the Biophysical Society in February 2020

Elliot Elson will be awarded the 2020 Ignacio Tinoco Award from the Biophysics Society. The award will be presented to Elson at the Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society Feb. 15-19, 2020, in San Diego.

Elson, an affiliate faculty member of the Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science and a supporting faculty member in the Department of Biomedical Engineering in the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis, is professor emeritus of biochemistry and molecular biophysics at the School of Medicine.

The Ignacio "Nacho" Tinoco Award of the Biophysical Society honors the scientific contributions, work and life of an outstanding biophysical chemist, educator and mentor. Tinoco's contributions to the spectroscopic, thermodynamic, structural and single-molecule study of biopolymers consistently deepened our understanding of fundamental biophysical principles, constantly moving this field toward new frontiers. The award recognizes meritorious investigators who make fundamental and/or seminal contributions to the physical chemistry of biopolymers and/or who actively promote and sustain a collaborative, inclusive and engaging research environment in the field.

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