Jim McKelvey Jr. to deliver McKelvey Engineering recognition ceremony address

Jim McKelvey Jr.
Jim McKelvey Jr.

Jim McKelvey Jr., a 1987 graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, will address graduating students at the McKelvey Engineering Recognition Ceremony May 16 at the Field House in the Athletic Complex.

A successful serial entrepreneur, McKelvey Jr. is co-founder of Square, a revolutionary financial services and mobile payment company credited with empowering businesses of all sizes around the globe. In addition, he is an independent director of the St. Louis Federal Reserve but is better known for his involvement in several St. Louis-based startups, including co-founder of Six Thirty, founder of LaunchCode, co-founder of Third Degree Glass Factory, founder of Mira Publishing (as a Washington University student). He also is the author of "The Art of Fire: Beginning Glassblowing," a textbook for novice glassblowers.

As a child, McKelvey Jr. spent formative time at the Engineering school with his father, James M. McKelvey Sr., during McKelvey Sr.'s tenure as dean. McKelvey Jr. applied early decision to Washington University and enrolled in 1983, graduating in 1987 with degrees in economics and computer science. While a student, McKelvey Jr. wrote two computer programming textbooks.

In 2012, the Engineering school presented McKelvey Jr. with its Alumni Achievement Award to recognize his groundbreaking entrepreneurship. In 2017, the university recognized him with the Robert S. Brookings Award, which honors individuals for their extraordinary dedication and generosity to Washington University. In addition to currently serving as a university trustee, he also has served as a member of the Alumni Board of Governors.

The McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis promotes independent inquiry and education with an emphasis on scientific excellence, innovation and collaboration without boundaries. McKelvey Engineering has top-ranked research and graduate programs across departments, particularly in biomedical engineering, environmental engineering and computing, and has one of the most selective undergraduate programs in the country. With 165 full-time faculty, 1,420 undergraduate students, 1,614 graduate students and 21,000 living alumni, we are working to solve some of society’s greatest challenges; to prepare students to become leaders and innovate throughout their careers; and to be a catalyst of economic development for the St. Louis region and beyond.
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