Chakrabarty to improve measurement tools for aerosol light absorption

Rajan Chakrabarty's new grant from the Department of Energy study will include field tests in Texas as part of the larger TRACER field campaign

Brandie Jefferson  
Rajan Chakrabarty

Rajan Chakrabarty, associate professor in the Department of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering, has received $577,685 in funding from the Department of Energy for research to help improve the existing measurement methodologies and algorithms for estimating aerosol light absorption and associated atmospheric warming.

Chakrabarty's lab will take a two-pronged approach: first, they'll conduct laboratory-based controlled experiments to develop improved correction factors and algorithms for measurement technologies utilized by DOE's Atmospheric Research Measurement (ARM) program.

Part two of the study will begin next year with field tests in Texas as part of the larger TRACER field campaign. The Chakrabarty lab's updated algorithms should help improve the quality of ARM's data, which is used worldwide.

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