Guy Genin, the Harold and Kathleen Faught Professor of Mechanical Engineering, has begun a three-year term on the steering committee of the Multiscale Modeling (MSM) Consortium, part of the Interagency Modeling and Analysis Group (IMAG). IMAG, representing more than 100 program staff from U.S. government funding agencies, provides a platform for planning trans-agency activities in modeling and analysis. The MSM consortium is comprised of investigators involved in research focused on or related to multiscale modeling of biomedical, biological and behavioral systems. The MSM has focused its efforts on developing and sharing biologically realistic, mechanistic models that cross spatiotemporal scales.

Genin studies the mechanobiology of interfaces and adhesion in nature, physiology and engineering. His research aims to understand and harness the role of force in living systems. Through these efforts, Genin and his group are working to advance path-breaking solutions, including engineered scaffolds for tissue repair and regeneration, improved reconstructive surgery, therapy for tissue inflammation and fibrosis, and hardier crops that require fewer resources.

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