Spartan Makerspace

The Spartan Light Metal Products Makerspace is not the first makerspace on the Washington University in St. Louis campus, but it is the most accessible. Anyone — students, faculty and staff — can be a member, no experience required.

“When we say this space is for the whole campus, we mean it,” said Ruth Okamoto, director of the Spartan Makerspace. “Our hope is that people will walk by and get excited about making stuff.”

Located inside Jubel Hall, the makerspace features multiple 3D printers, a laser cutter, band saw, drill press, soldering equipment and others tools and offers training by student technicians.

“I’ve seen so many interesting projects so far,” Okamoto said. “One student who taught an outdoor education program for Bear Beginnings brought in a 7-foot tree branch that his students picked up. He sliced it into 50 different pieces and engraved them all for his students. I’ve seen a lot of students make holiday presents for their families. And one class made a dispensing machine for ice cream sundaes. It doesn’t take an engineering degree to make something cool, just some creativity and willingness to try something new.”

Visit the Spartan Makerspace site for an updated calendar of events.

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