Six innovators named National Academy of Inventors senior members

McKelvey Engineering professor Richard Axelbaum has been named senior member of the National Academy of Inventors

Brandie Jefferson 
Richard Axelbaum

Six researchers from Washington University in St. Louis have been named senior members of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI).

Richard Axelbaum, PhD, at the McKelvey School of Engineering, along with five researchers at the School of Medicine — David T. Curiel, MD, PhD; James W. Janetka, PhD; Gregory M. Lanza, MD, PhD; Robi D. Mitra, PhD; and Jennifer N. Silva, MD — are being recognized for their success in patents, licensing and commercialization, and for producing technologies that have the potential to have a significant impact on the welfare of society.

They are among 83 new senior members who will be honored in June at the NAI annual meeting in Phoenix.

Axelbaum, a professor of energy, environmental and chemical engineering and the Stifel & Quinette Jens Professor of Environmental Engineering Science, researches combustion in its many forms and in different environments — including in microgravity on the International Space Station. He uses his understanding of fossil fuel combustion and its resulting pollutants to address concerns over carbon dioxide emissions, notably by developing novel approaches to carbon capture and storage. Axelbaum holds 10 patents and founded the startup company AP Material Inc., which commercialized a flame-synthesis technology to manufacture high-purity nanopowders.

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