Bae a finalist for 2023 Rising Stars of Light award

Sang-Hoon Bae has been named a rising star in optics-related research

Shawn Ballard 
Sang-Hoon Bae

Sang-Hoon Bae, assistant professor of mechanical engineering & materials science in the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis, has been selected as one of six finalists for the 2023 Rising Stars of Light award. The award is given annually by Light: Science and Applications, a Nature journal focusing on optics and photonics, in recognition of a young scientist’s contributions to optics-related fields.

Bae tackles challenges in materials science with thermodynamics, kinetics and solid-state physics with a particular focus on discovering new physical phenomena by developing new material platforms. Bae's recent work explores a new type of material building blocks, called nanomembranes, that are high-quality and ultrathin in nature. Thanks to these features, nanomembranes are expected to bring significant breakthroughs in electronics, optics and optoelectronics. 

“This accomplishment reflects the high caliber of research and expertise that Sang-Hoon brings to our school,” said Lan Yang, the Edwin H. & Florence G. Skinner Professor in the McKelvey School of Engineering and a co-chair of the Rising Stars of Light selection committee. “Sang-Hoon’s work not only contributes to the department's reputation but also showcases the cutting-edge research program that he is helping to build here at WashU.”

Bae also won the 2023 Hanwha Non-Tenured Faculty Award in recognition of his work on high-quality 2D materials synthesis. The next round of the Rising Stars of Light competition will include live online presentations in late October.

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