Graduate Student Senate honors Engineering faculty, staff

Matthew Lew and Beth Gartin were recognized for their contributions and support of Engineering graduate students

Danielle Lacey 
Lew, Gartin
Lew, Gartin

Matthew Lew, associate professor of electrical & systems engineering, and Beth Gartin, assistant to the director at the Institute of Materials Science & Engineering (IMSE), recently received Outstanding Faculty & Staff awards from the Graduate Student Senate.

Lew and Gartin were two of only 13 faculty and staff members to be honored by the organization this year. The award, which has been given annually since 2000, has previously been given to five other members of the Engineering community. Lew and Gartin were recognized at an event April 12.

The awards celebrate faculty and staff who positively impact the graduate student experience. Faculty are selected based contributions to graduate students’ quality of life and workplace, scholarly development and professional development, and staff members are selected based on contributions to graduate student community development, personal relationship building and advocacy on behalf of graduate students.

Lew and his students build advanced imaging systems to study biological and chemical systems at the nanoscale, leveraging innovations in applied optics, classical and quantum detection and estimation theory, optimal system design and physical chemistry. His lab’s advanced nanoscopes (microscopes with nanometer resolution) visualize the movements of individual molecules inside and outside living cells.

Gartin has been with WashU for nearly a decade. In her role at IMSE, she supports graduate students pursuing degrees in the interdisciplinary field of materials science and engineering by ensuring they meet academic milestones and serving as a resource for faculty and students.

A full list of the current and past award winners can be found on the Graduate Student Senate website.

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