Anna Goestenkors, a biomedical engineering doctoral student in the McKelvey School of Engineering, won the Best Poster Award at the 2023 Materials Research Society Fall Meeting & Exhibit. 

Goestenkors’s poster, “Conducting Polymer Granular Hydrogel Bioinks for 3D Printed In Vitro Bioelectronic Devices,” was selected out of 500 posters and came with a $500 award. The poster covers her work developing a conductive bioink using PEDOT:PSS, which involves fabricating spherical hydrogel particles that can be packed densely together to allow for 3D printing.

Goestenkors is a doctoral student in the lab of Alexandra Rutz, assistant professor of biomedical engineering. Rutz’s lab is focused on advancing bioelectronics using materials and fabrication-based approaches.

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