Poster Printing

Poster printing services are available to all WashU students, faculty and staff. To print a poster, create a PDF file and fill out the McKelvey Poster Printing Request form.

All posters are printed on regular paper and should be available for pickup within 48 hours (2 business days) from the EIT Help Center in Lopata Hall, Room 408.


  • One side of the poster (length or width) should not exceed 42 inches.
  • The document size in the page setup menu of your application should be the same as the final size of the poster.

Cost & Printing

  • Poster printing charges are based on the size of the poster and ink coverage.
  • Cost ranges from $0.50 to $0.80 per printed linear inch.
  • Pay for printing charges with DEPT CHARGES only.

Tips for designing posters in PowerPoint:

  • Set the proper dimensions in page setup before creating the poster. PowerPoint restricts page size to a maximum of 56 inches.
  • Avoid using backgrounds. The color of the background on the screen rarely matches the color of the background on the printed poster. If a background is necessary, avoid custom colors and instead use colors from the standard tab of the More Colors dialog box.
  • Export the slide(s) as a PDF for printing.