Remote Access

Academic Remote Access

The school provides several ways to access academic compute resources remotely. Each option is listed below along with instructions for connecting to them. For a listing of where a specific application can be accessed please see the academic software page.

Academic Remote Desktop Server

The school’s Remote Desktop Server Host (RDSH) infrastructure allows students to access a windows desktop via the Microsoft Remote Desktop client or a web browser.

Web Browser

To connect with a web browser, navigate to the URL below and login with your WUSTL Key credentials.

Some applications that are typically installed in our computer labs are not available on the RHSH infrastructure. This is typically due to graphic limitations of this infrastructure or licensing restrictions that limit our ability to provide a specific package in this way.

Windows and Mac client

Instructions for setting up the Microsoft Remote Desktop client can be found here:


Due to the diversity of Linux distributions available, it is not possible to give a blanket recommendation. Some users have had success with rdesktop. If you need help, please email with your distribution and any other relevant information, and we'll attempt to help as best we can.


Cloud-hosted Remote Desktop (Apporto)

For those applications that require increased graphics capability, we provide a cloud-hosted solution for those packages. To ensure that this resources remains performant for those that need it for classes, access is provided through enrollment in specific Canvas courses.

If you are an instructor who would like to make these resources available for your course, please email to request access.


Virtual Linux Lab

The Virtual Linux Lab cluster provides on-demand browser-based VNC sessions to run academic applications as required for Engineering classes. It also provides a general job scheduler, including batch jobs and interactive jobs inside a Linux environment. This infrastructure can be accessed at the link below: